Why add a Humidifier?

8 Reasons to Add a Humidifier to Your Home

The addition of a humidifier in your house, particularly throughout the cold, moisture-less months of winter, has many advantages. Dry air causes many problems for both you and the items within your house. In the cold winter months the air in your home sometimes has a humidity level of about 10%. The best indoor humidity level is between 30% and 40%. A humidifier will benefit your home by:

Preventing Illnesses
Proper humidity levels are needed in order for your immune system to work at its peak. The small hairs within your nose must have moisture in order to work properly and keep out the viruses and bacteria that lead to illness. A boost in indoor humidity levels are also helpful in the prevention of nose bleeds.

Treating Illnesses
Humidified air helps to ease cold and flu symptoms. It helps decrease congestion, relievestenderness in the nasal passages, sooths throats and airways, helps with breathing and allows you to rest better.

Protection of Furniture and Flooring
Proper humidity levels are essential to the health of wooden flooring and furniture. If the humidity in a room is too low, wood may splinter or break. The addition of a humidifier will help to preserve your valuable investments and family heirlooms.

Safeguard Your Vocal Cords
In order for your vocal cords to perform at their best, they must be properly moistened. Sometimes sickness, being dehydrated or improper diet can lead to a loss of your speaking or singing voice. Proper humidity levels, particularly during sleep, will help your voice recover.

Moisturized Skin 
With dry air circulating throughout the house during times when heating is a must, your skin becomes itchy, tight and dry. Hands are particularly susceptible to this because they contain less oil glands, leading to extreme dryness and even cracking. Chapped lips also become a problem when the air is exceedingly dry. Proper humidity levels will help to avoid these problems, leading to healthy, moisturized skin.

Increase Feelings of Warmth
The proper humidity levels obtained through the use of a humidifier will also help your house to feel warmer and more comfortable. The addition of moisture into the air causes the perceived temperature to rise, and the air to feel warmer. With a steady 70 degree temperature, it will feel like 69 degrees at a 50% humidity rate, while it will feel like 67 degrees at a 10% humidity rate. This will save money on heating bills, while maintaining a greater level of comfort.

Limit Problems with Static Electricity
Problems with static electricity range from the annoyance of showing up at work with unmentionables stuck to your pants, to the painful shock one receives when touching the doorknob after an innocent stroll across the room. Static may also cause rather drastic problems when attempting to style your hair. A humidifier will help solve these problems by lessening the possibility of static electricity problems as the temperature drops.

Moisturize Indoor Plants
Several types of plants that are cultivated indoors originate from tropical environments that have high levels of humidity. In most climates, indoor humidity levels are not high enough to provide a proper environment for these plants, particularly in the wintertime. These problems are evident when you spot leaf tip browning, or simply dead plants. The addition of a humidifier will help your plants thrive by introducing healthier levels of moisture.

The addition of moisture, through a humidifier, into your home environment brings many advantages. However, a proper balance must be reached since excessive humidity my lead to an overgrowth of microbes such as dust mites. By monitoring the level of humidity and maintaining your humidifier properly, you receive all of the advantages of a humidifier while avoiding the possible risks.