Don’t Buy A New Furnace – Before Knowing the Facts!

5 Insider Tips That Will Prevent You From Getting Ripped Off!

First, Not All Connecticut Heating Companies Are Alike.

Below are five insider tips that can prevent you from getting ripped off, but read on before skipping to the good stuff.
Your furnace is one of the most expensive appliances you’ll ever buy for your home, due to the intense labor and all of the materials that are necessary for a proper installation.
Furnace manufactures state that your furnace must be installed as per the Local & National Mechanical Safety Codes. It is almost impossible to replace a furnace in 2 hours and do the job right (up to code). And since you’ll be living with your new furnace for the next 15 to 20 years, it only makes sense to avoid such nightmares.
If you’ve been told that you need to replace your furnace, we will happily give you a FREE SECOND OPINION so you will have all the facts. Call: 616-421-4610
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Below Are 5 FREE Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off.

1. You’ve heard this; My Furnace Guy Said I Have To Get A New One.
Many furnaces are replaced that don’t need to be. Why would a deceiving heating contractor condemn a perfectly good furnace? Either to make money or their service technician wasn’t trained properly to fix it.
Many of these furnaces could have been inexpensively fixed compared to the price of a new furnace. The 3 reasons to get your furnace replaced may be: it has a cracked heat exchanger, it is old and inefficient or it’s too expensive to repair. If the repair man tells you that there is a crack in the heat exchanger, ask to see it.
Do you really need a new one? READ ON BEFORE BUYING A NEW FURNACE.

2. What Brand Is The Best For Me?
We only install Rheem brand furnaces and air conditioners. Why? Because they are constantly rank among the top brand worldwide based on customer satisfaction. Their warranty is an industry leading warranty.

3. Will I Save Money On My Fuel Bills If I Get A New One?
Simply installing a new furnace isn’t going to guarantee better heating and lower energy costs. If the HVAC contractor isn’t careful about checking to see that your ductwork is clean and unclogged, you could be throwing heating dollars out of the window.

Having a programmable thermostat installed is another way to save money on your fuel bills.

4. How Much Will It Cost For A New One?

How the other guys are pricing a 95% Efficient furnace:
“Time to give away the Trade Secrets”
$1,350… High Efficient Furnace
$ 125… Sheet Metal Fittings
$ 50… Condensate Pump & Piping
$ 50… Fuel Piping
$ 75… Smoke Pipe and Fittings (Flue)
$ 30… 4” X 8” X 16” Solid Concrete Blocks
$ 100… Electrical Wiring, Service Switch & Receptacle
$ 25… Fire Safety Switch
$ 60… Digital Thermostat or Digital Programmable Thermostat
$1,000… Installers Labor
($75 per hour for the Licensed Installer and $50 per hour for the helper x 8 hours)
$ 716… 20% Net Profit
$ 398… 10% Sales Commission
$ 80… Installers Incentive if they do a superb job
$ 258… Michigan Sale Tax (6%)
$4,317.00… Total Price Installed

How or flat rate pricing works:

Rheem 95% High Efficiency furnace installed: $2595

And that’s it! We don’t itemize everything installed, companies that do are looking to bury markups on each step. Notice our price is nearly $2000 less? Flat rate pricing keeps us busy and provides you, the consumer, the best available product at the best price. No haggling, no need for coupons or phony discounts

And that’s how we price our jobs.

Also, you may want to consider other products to improve the air that you breathe in your home, like a humidification system or a good air filtration system. These are what we call accessories or indoor air quality products. A humidifier installed will run $425 and new wi-fi thermostat installed for $295.

My competition is going to hate me when they read this…oh well.

5. How Many Years Is The Warranty?
Rheem warranties their products for 10 years on parts and labor and the heat exchanger is warrantied for life.

So You May Not Have To Replace Your Furnace.
You can always call West Michigan to get a FREE SECOND OPINION. This way you’ll have all the facts.
Also, there is NO cost or obligation for one of our FREE estimates.

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When should I change the furnace filter?

Common Filters
Question. When should I change the Filter in my furnace or air handler?

This is a very common question. The answer depends upon several factors. The type of filter you are currently using and your enviroment.

There are many different types of air filters and each has it’s own benefits and will capture airborne particles based upon the size of the particulate. The method to which a filters is rated is referred to it’s MERV rating.

MERV Rating

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, commonly known as MERV Rating is a measurement scale designed in 1987 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to rate the effectiveness of air filters.The scale is designed to represent the worst case performance of a furnace filter when dealing with particles in the range of 0.3 to 10 micrometres. The MERV rating is from 1 to 16. Higher MERV ratings correspond to a greater percentage of particles captured on each pass, with a MERV 16 filter capturing more than 95% of particles over the full range.

The common furnace filter

The common 1-inch thick, 99 cent fiberglass, filter that you can pick up at the department or dollar store captures very large particles in the air while allowing smaller particles such as dust and pollen to pass through. New installations usually come with this type of filter to prevent construction debris from getting into the blower. These filters have a MERV rating of less than 6, if at all.

HEPA filter

The opposite of these filters are the Box HEPA style filters and commonly referred to as media furnace filters. The letters in the word HEPA stand for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. The HEPA filter was developed during World War II by the Atomic Energy Commission and it was designed to remove and capture radioactive dust particles from the air which might escape and present a health hazard to the researchers. The HEPA filter was specifically designed to protect the Human Respiratory System.

For a filter to be labeled “True” HEPA, it must be certified 99.97% efficient in capturing 0.3 micron (not 0.1 or 0.01 etc..) respirable-size-particles (RSP) according to the U.S. Military Standard MIL-STD-282, commonly known as the DOP test. The reason 0.3 micron is used and no other is because 0.3 micron is the size at which all mechanical filters are LEAST efficient in capturing. Other methods of testing do not give a true picture of efficiencies relative to respirable-size-particle (RSP) capture.

These filters can be anywhere from 4″ to 6″ thick and may have a MERV rating greater than 10. These type of filters fit into a special box that is sold to consumers as an “add-on” or upgrade to their furnace or air handler. These filters are ideal for allergy sufferers as they remove very small particles such as pollen.

Pleated furnace filters

The middle range furnace filters are high efficiency pleated filters. These filters are made from non-woven fabrics designed to capture the mid-range particles while minimizing pressure drop, that is, the energy required to draw the air through the filter. Clogged filters produce increased stain on the blower motor which may result in costly pre-mature failure. This is one of the most important reason other than improving your indoor air quality to change your filters a regular basis.

Now that you have an understanding of the types of filters, how often should I change them? The least expensive filter needs to be changed at least monthly. The mid-range pleated filters usually lasts for about 3 months while the HEPA style filter will last for a year. The reason why the filters that capture the smallest particles lasts the longest is that type of filter has the most pleats which increases the surface area for the air to flow through.

While this timetable is the basic “rule of thumb”, you will also need to consider the environment and other factors. If you live in a dusty climate, use your air conditioner more often or have pets you may need to change them more often. If you have a asthma or allergy sufferer in the house you may wish to upgrade to a higher MERV rating, upgrade your filtration system or change the filter more often.

How to change the furnace filter

Changing your furnace filter is a simple process. All you need to do is slide the old one out and slide the new one in. Be certain that the air flow arrow points toward the furnace or blower motor.

FiltersAmerica is a leading supplier of consumer air quality products including replacement HEPA filters, furnace filters, air cleaners, and home humidifier products. We search the market for the best value in replacement filters and humidifier pads and pass the value to our customers. FiltersAmerica stocks all HEPA filter, air cleaner filter, humidifier filters and ships directly from our own warehouse in Illinois. Did you know you could reduce your heating and air conditioning costs by up to 20% by changing your furnace filter?


Did you know – Have your heating & air conditioning cleaned and checked by a professional at least once a year to maximize


How Does Tobacco Smoke Affect Your Home?

Let’s start with the facts…

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) contains about 4,000 chemicals, including 200 known poisons such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, as well as 43 carcinogens.

ETS causes:

1. 3,000 lung cancer deaths a year

2. 35,000 to 50,000 heart disease deaths in non-smokers a year

3. 150,000 to 300,000 cases of lower respiratory tract infections in children under 18 months of age each year

4. Between 200,00 and one million asthmatic children to worse in their condition

So what does this have to with your home…

Environmental tobacco smoke better known to most as “secondhand smoke” is a major indoor air pollutant. Smoke travels throughout your entire home. It cannot be confined to only one room even with the door shut. Smoke travels through doors, windows, and even cracks. While opening your windows and using fans may help, it does not eliminate smoke from your home.

As smoke travels throughout your home, you can definitely expect it to travel through your HVAC system. Once pulled into your system ETS is then distributed throughout every room in your home. Containments are pulled into your HVAC system and re-circulated 5 to 7 times per day, on average (EPA). Therefore, you and your family are constantly and continuously breathing in secondhand smoke throughout the entire day.

ETS is not only circulated but it can also be found settling within your home. Due to the complex mixture of chemicals in tobacco smoke, certain chemicals like nicotine can be psychically seen and found on things in your home. You probably have seen a yellow film that stains your walls or a brownish residue on fabrics like your curtains. These are all evident signs that ETS is present and building within your home. While these signs can be visibly seen by the human eye, the chemical build up from secondhand smoke in your ductwork is not as easily identified.

Over time continuous re-circulation of ETS begins to cause buildup of nicotine and other chemicals inside your ductwork. It creates and leaves a buildup of residue that is oily and sticky in nature. Due to the residue’s consistency, other irritants such as dust and pollen stick to and build up in your ductwork. Every time air is passed through your ductwork, it passes over the residue picking up particles of the nicotine and other chemicals as well as the dust and pollen; and then circulates it throughout your entire home. This process adds to and causes an increase in indoor air pollution.

How to tell if ETS is building in your ductwork?

Firstly, if you see build up and residue on things in your home such as, walls, curtains and other things then it is safe to assume that it is in your ductwork. Another good sign to follow is to listen to your nose. If every time you turn on your system and you smell an increase or strong tobacco odor then you can expect to find a buildup in your ductwork.

How can air duct cleaning help?

If you or someone in your home smokes or you have just purchased a home and the previous owners smoked; you have your air ducts cleaned. Your ductwork is the lungs of your home and if it is contaminated then so is the air you and your family are breathing. Air duct cleaning will remove all containments including tobacco smoke residue from inside your ductwork system. Once the system is cleaned and all containments are fully removed, your system is then sanitized. The sanitizer will help to kill remaining bacteria and eliminate any lingering odors. A clean ductwork system is the only way to ensure full removal of ETS buildup.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having your air ducts cleaned every three to five years; however, if you or someone in your home smokes it is highly recommended to have your air ducts cleaned more frequently to ensure a better indoor air quality for you and your family.

West Michigan Air Duct Cleaning is now West Michigan Mechanical and Air Duct

That’s right – West Michigan Air Duct Cleaning is now West Michigan Mechanical and Air Duct. We now offer furnace and air conditioning tuneup, service, install and change outs! We are your one stop shop for all things related to heating and air conditioning.

If it has been a while since your last tune up, give us a call! Moving into a new home and have cat allergies – did the previous homeowner have pets? Call us and we can take care of that too. Uh oh, is it 6pm December 19th, outside temps are near 20 degrees and your furnace doesn’t seem to be functioning as it should? Call us, let us get your home warm again.

Please call us today if you have any questions, if you would like to find out more about a new furnace, if you are thinking about having your air ducts cleaned…

We install Rheem products. They are, in our opinion the highest quality, longest lasting product you can have installed in your home. their warranties are second to none and their efficiency is top of the line. If you are concerned your heating bills are out of control, and your home isn’t heating properly, give us a call and we will check it out.

Thinking of a new thermostat? What about a humidifier? We can help you out with those as well. Need a specialty air filter? We can do that too. Again, one call solves it all. call us today for any of your heating, cooling or air duct cleaning needs.

The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

The importance of dryer vent cleaning…

Poorly performing vents add to the expense of operating the dryer, since it takes longer to get things dry. Undisturbed dryer vents make attractive homes for animals that turn them into deadly ones for all involved. If neither of those suffices to impress you with their importance, dryer vents that are not in good condition threaten your family’s safety.

How Important Is That?

Unclean and damaged dryer vents are primary contributors to house fires because ordinary vacuums usually cannot clean them. Only an extremely short and straight vent to the outdoors can be properly cleaned without special equipment. That kind of venting is increasingly rare, with more vents commonly running long distances and making lots of turns.

West Michigan Mechanical and Air Duct – Roof top dryer vent cleaning  – <click to watch this Youtube Video of a recent job>

An expanding problem due to urban density that places dryers in central closets, convoluted dryer vents add a little danger with every turn they make. Every corner is another place for lint and other debris to accumulate, and all of it is in there with heated air. Even heat is slower to escape the house when it has to navigate a more complicated route.

New home construction that does not pre-determine the laundry room’s location can also lead to long, jointed vents. In short, the task of cleaning a dryer vent has become more complicated for homeowners, and renters are more at the mercy of landlords. The majority of dryer vents just cannot be easily cleaned and inspected, but – for the same reason – they need it more than ever.

Of Major Major Importance

It is another of life’s “Catch 22”s for more and more people…the very vents that need more cleaning are ‘impossible’ to clean. The importance of doing it regularly and properly is why professionals exist to handle it and equipment is made to assist them. Keep energy bills down and your safety up with routine attention to that tricky dryer vent. Why risk doing it wrong when you can call a pro who can safely keep it clean.

Dirty Air Filter

Is a Dirty Air Filter Hindering the Performance of Your Furnace?

Of all the things that homeowners can do to keep their furnaces running smoothly and efficiently, the most important one is checking and changing air filters on a regular basis.

A dirty air filter is one of the biggest threats to the performance of your furnace, but it’s also one of the easiest to fix.

Newly constructed homes should have the air ducts cleaned

Why does your air filter get dirty?

The purpose of a basic furnace filter is to protect your system from dirt and debris that could affect the performance of your system. Some more advanced filters are used to stop airborne particles like dust and other unhealthy microscopic particles from being distributed into your home’s air. It’s natural that all of that material will build up on your filter over time.

How does a dirty air filter affect your furnace?

When your filter gets too dirty, it begins to take a toll on the performance of your furnace. Unclean air is redirected to other parts of your unit because it is not able to pass through your filter. This can lead to unnecessary repairs due to build up and damage to different parts of your furnace.

How does a dirty air filter affect your energy bill?

When air is unable to easily pass through your filter, your furnace has to work extra hard to make up for the loss of air flow. As a result, your unit uses more energy and your utility bills begin to grow.

How can you avoid a dirty air filter?

It’s very easy to avoid the consequences of a dirty air filter. Check the condition of your filter at least once a month, especially during the times of the year that you’re using your furnace the most. One simple test is to hold your filter up to a light and see if light is able to pass through. If not, it’s time to clean or change your filter, depending on the type that is installed in your unit.

Clean air ducts and clean air

If the air you breathe is contaminated, it would have an adverse affect on your family’s health. Our indoor air quality products and air duct cleaning services in Grand Rapids (MI) are devised to overcome these health hazards.

Think about your children crawling and playing on a carpet that act as a great collector of dust mites and other contaminants which can adversely affect his health. Our carpet cleaning company in Grand Rapids, MI acts as a rescuer and protects the health of your family by reducing the dust mite allergen levels in your home.

Your air conditioning system can pose a serious threat to your family’s health as it collect impurities in the duct work. These contaminated impurities can be of dire consequences if there is anyone suffering from asthma and allergies or lung diseases in your house. Our professional air duct cleaning services guarantee punctual, expert and dependable services.

We use only state of the art equipment to provide you with the absolute best possible services. Moreover, our expert and trained staff take care of upholstered product and use the perfect cleaning solution for your furniture. In addition, our trained dryer vent cleaners enables perfect cleaning services at economical cost. Contact us right now, to stay safe and secure!

Our well-trained technicians represent our full and unconditional commitment to providing you with the most efficient services possible to your exclusive satisfaction. Their expertise, together with our commitment, has made us a leading entity in this field. Our severe control standards will ensure that you, our valued customer, receives complete and unconditional satisfaction. We build our business on client referrals, that’s why customer service is our top priority.

We begin and end every air duct cleaning the same way. We start with a thorough photo inspection to show you what may be hiding out inside your duct work. We then provide a thorough cleaning including the vent grates and then take after pictures so that you can see what was removed. Call us today to schedule your cleaning!

Do you have birds nesting in your vents

don't let nesting birds keep you awake at night

don’t let nesting birds keep you awake at night

Dryer vent cleaning and replacement:

Lint and bird nest buildup will cause reduced airflow and overheating, this is why your clothes take more time to dry. Your result is more energy and your time in the laundry room. The worst case is dryer fires.
Dryer vents need to be up-to-code and functioning properly in order to keep your home safe and your appliances working properly.

The West Michigan Mechanical and Air Duct process uses a combination of brushes and unique tools to clean your dryer vent free from lint. The Dryer vent cleaning usually takes up to an hour depending on length. In the case that the vent can’t be cleaned we can replace the dryer vent with metal pipe.

Bathroom Exhaust Duct cleaning:

Birds Birds Birds! Over years of experience we have noticed the number one reason for blocked bathroom fans are Birds nesting. Blocked vents prevent the removal of the humid air from your bathroom. When air flow slows down the fans and blades become dirty, increasing noise, energy, and possible mildew build up. West Michigan Mechanical and Air Duct has the specialty tools to ensure proper airflow and check that the vents are actually vented outside.

We have been on jobs where bird nests have extended 3, 4 even 5 feet into the vent duct work. It is an amazing sight to see. Year over year these birds keep adding to the nest and eventually either the bathroom vent or the dryer vent is totally clogged. In the case of a dryer vent, it quickly becomes a dangerous fire situation. As far as bathroom vents go, the vent is unable to exhaust moist air. The air becomes trapped in the birds nest causing mold to grow. Eventually over time this can turn in serious health risk.

Why is clean air important

Clean air is important because it helps keep a body healthy and happy. Contaminated air can easily cause symptoms in people like the epidemic of an allergic or asthmatic reaction. People who suffer from a respiratory condition can feel the effects of contaminated air through coughing, sneezing or an irritated throat.

Importance of Clean Air

Clean air is rather difficult to come by these days, and this has detrimental effects on the health of all of us. We breathe about 20,000 times each day. Each time, our body has to utilize the oxygen in each of those breaths and filter out all the “leftovers”. These could be extra gases, like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, lead or hydrocarbons, among many others. This puts an extra strain on our bodies’ already taxed detoxification systems

Sources of Pollution in Your Home

There are many sources of pollution right in your home that make it hard to come by any amount of clean air. The first and foremost is smoking. This is such a toxic habit that not only directly harms you, but also any and everyone around you.

Most of the other forms of air pollution are usually unintentional. This includes things like cleaners that you use for your home. If you can smell it, it is toxic! If you have ever cleaned a bathroom with bleach you know it is toxic because you can’t breathe and your eyes are burning like you poured the bleach directly in them!

Carbon monoxide can be a problem inside the home from cigarette smoke, heaters, dryers, and stoves that use anything but electricity. And of course, this is one of the biggest air pollutants from cars.

Formaldehyde is another big air toxin especially in new homes, trailers, and mobile homes. Many products in the home are bonded with formaldehyde, such as insulation, plywood, and plastics and it takes years for this to totally be expelled into the air.

Cosmetics are another source of air pollution in the house, especially aerosols like hair sprays and deodorants. I know that since going raw, I cannot handle smells like I used to. I cannot have candles or use perfumes without getting a huge headache. The cleaner your body is, the less offense it puts up with I guess.

If you spray your house for insects, this is yet another source of indoor air pollution. You can even cause toxins to be spread in the air of your home just from cooking or burning your food.

One last, but very important source of air pollution is you! Humans release toxins through their lungs and skin all day and night. This is one reason why it is important to sleep with your window open at night. If you don’t get fresh air in your room, you will eventually be breathing in your very own toxins!