Do you have birds nesting in your vents

don't let nesting birds keep you awake at night

don’t let nesting birds keep you awake at night

Dryer vent cleaning and replacement:

Lint and bird nest buildup will cause reduced airflow and overheating, this is why your clothes take more time to dry. Your result is more energy and your time in the laundry room. The worst case is dryer fires.
Dryer vents need to be up-to-code and functioning properly in order to keep your home safe and your appliances working properly.

The West Michigan Mechanical and Air Duct process uses a combination of brushes and unique tools to clean your dryer vent free from lint. The Dryer vent cleaning usually takes up to an hour depending on length. In the case that the vent can’t be cleaned we can replace the dryer vent with metal pipe.

Bathroom Exhaust Duct cleaning:

Birds Birds Birds! Over years of experience we have noticed the number one reason for blocked bathroom fans are Birds nesting. Blocked vents prevent the removal of the humid air from your bathroom. When air flow slows down the fans and blades become dirty, increasing noise, energy, and possible mildew build up. West Michigan Mechanical and Air Duct has the specialty tools to ensure proper airflow and check that the vents are actually vented outside.

We have been on jobs where bird nests have extended 3, 4 even 5 feet into the vent duct work. It is an amazing sight to see. Year over year these birds keep adding to the nest and eventually either the bathroom vent or the dryer vent is totally clogged. In the case of a dryer vent, it quickly becomes a dangerous fire situation. As far as bathroom vents go, the vent is unable to exhaust moist air. The air becomes trapped in the birds nest causing mold to grow. Eventually over time this can turn in serious health risk.

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