Don’t Buy A New Furnace – Before Knowing the Facts!

5 Insider Tips That Will Prevent You From Getting Ripped Off!

First, Not All Connecticut Heating Companies Are Alike.

Below are five insider tips that can prevent you from getting ripped off, but read on before skipping to the good stuff.
Your furnace is one of the most expensive appliances you’ll ever buy for your home, due to the intense labor and all of the materials that are necessary for a proper installation.
Furnace manufactures state that your furnace must be installed as per the Local & National Mechanical Safety Codes. It is almost impossible to replace a furnace in 2 hours and do the job right (up to code). And since you’ll be living with your new furnace for the next 15 to 20 years, it only makes sense to avoid such nightmares.
If you’ve been told that you need to replace your furnace, we will happily give you a FREE SECOND OPINION so you will have all the facts. Call: 616-421-4610
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Below Are 5 FREE Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off.

1. You’ve heard this; My Furnace Guy Said I Have To Get A New One.
Many furnaces are replaced that don’t need to be. Why would a deceiving heating contractor condemn a perfectly good furnace? Either to make money or their service technician wasn’t trained properly to fix it.
Many of these furnaces could have been inexpensively fixed compared to the price of a new furnace. The 3 reasons to get your furnace replaced may be: it has a cracked heat exchanger, it is old and inefficient or it’s too expensive to repair. If the repair man tells you that there is a crack in the heat exchanger, ask to see it.
Do you really need a new one? READ ON BEFORE BUYING A NEW FURNACE.

2. What Brand Is The Best For Me?
We only install Rheem brand furnaces and air conditioners. Why? Because they are constantly rank among the top brand worldwide based on customer satisfaction. Their warranty is an industry leading warranty.

3. Will I Save Money On My Fuel Bills If I Get A New One?
Simply installing a new furnace isn’t going to guarantee better heating and lower energy costs. If the HVAC contractor isn’t careful about checking to see that your ductwork is clean and unclogged, you could be throwing heating dollars out of the window.

Having a programmable thermostat installed is another way to save money on your fuel bills.

4. How Much Will It Cost For A New One?

How the other guys are pricing a 95% Efficient furnace:
“Time to give away the Trade Secrets”
$1,350… High Efficient Furnace
$ 125… Sheet Metal Fittings
$ 50… Condensate Pump & Piping
$ 50… Fuel Piping
$ 75… Smoke Pipe and Fittings (Flue)
$ 30… 4” X 8” X 16” Solid Concrete Blocks
$ 100… Electrical Wiring, Service Switch & Receptacle
$ 25… Fire Safety Switch
$ 60… Digital Thermostat or Digital Programmable Thermostat
$1,000… Installers Labor
($75 per hour for the Licensed Installer and $50 per hour for the helper x 8 hours)
$ 716… 20% Net Profit
$ 398… 10% Sales Commission
$ 80… Installers Incentive if they do a superb job
$ 258… Michigan Sale Tax (6%)
$4,317.00… Total Price Installed

How or flat rate pricing works:

Rheem 95% High Efficiency furnace installed: $2595

And that’s it! We don’t itemize everything installed, companies that do are looking to bury markups on each step. Notice our price is nearly $2000 less? Flat rate pricing keeps us busy and provides you, the consumer, the best available product at the best price. No haggling, no need for coupons or phony discounts

And that’s how we price our jobs.

Also, you may want to consider other products to improve the air that you breathe in your home, like a humidification system or a good air filtration system. These are what we call accessories or indoor air quality products. A humidifier installed will run $425 and new wi-fi thermostat installed for $295.

My competition is going to hate me when they read this…oh well.

5. How Many Years Is The Warranty?
Rheem warranties their products for 10 years on parts and labor and the heat exchanger is warrantied for life.

So You May Not Have To Replace Your Furnace.
You can always call West Michigan to get a FREE SECOND OPINION. This way you’ll have all the facts.
Also, there is NO cost or obligation for one of our FREE estimates.

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