Why is clean air important

Clean air is important because it helps keep a body healthy and happy. Contaminated air can easily cause symptoms in people like the epidemic of an allergic or asthmatic reaction. People who suffer from a respiratory condition can feel the effects of contaminated air through coughing, sneezing or an irritated throat.

Importance of Clean Air

Clean air is rather difficult to come by these days, and this has detrimental effects on the health of all of us. We breathe about 20,000 times each day. Each time, our body has to utilize the oxygen in each of those breaths and filter out all the “leftovers”. These could be extra gases, like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, lead or hydrocarbons, among many others. This puts an extra strain on our bodies’ already taxed detoxification systems

Sources of Pollution in Your Home

There are many sources of pollution right in your home that make it hard to come by any amount of clean air. The first and foremost is smoking. This is such a toxic habit that not only directly harms you, but also any and everyone around you.

Most of the other forms of air pollution are usually unintentional. This includes things like cleaners that you use for your home. If you can smell it, it is toxic! If you have ever cleaned a bathroom with bleach you know it is toxic because you can’t breathe and your eyes are burning like you poured the bleach directly in them!

Carbon monoxide can be a problem inside the home from cigarette smoke, heaters, dryers, and stoves that use anything but electricity. And of course, this is one of the biggest air pollutants from cars.

Formaldehyde is another big air toxin especially in new homes, trailers, and mobile homes. Many products in the home are bonded with formaldehyde, such as insulation, plywood, and plastics and it takes years for this to totally be expelled into the air.

Cosmetics are another source of air pollution in the house, especially aerosols like hair sprays and deodorants. I know that since going raw, I cannot handle smells like I used to. I cannot have candles or use perfumes without getting a huge headache. The cleaner your body is, the less offense it puts up with I guess.

If you spray your house for insects, this is yet another source of indoor air pollution. You can even cause toxins to be spread in the air of your home just from cooking or burning your food.

One last, but very important source of air pollution is you! Humans release toxins through their lungs and skin all day and night. This is one reason why it is important to sleep with your window open at night. If you don’t get fresh air in your room, you will eventually be breathing in your very own toxins!

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