Air Duct Cleaning in West Michigan

Our professional Air Duct Cleaning service is offered at the great price of $239 for the first 12 vents and $10 for each additional vent. You may also include a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning for an additional $50.

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Efficient and very professional. The ducts look great and the price was the best I could find in the area. They also helped us to identify any issues we’ll have in the future with our duct work as we purchased an older home.
— Amber M, Google Reviews

Why get your air ducts cleaned?


Cleaner living space

If you’re having issues with dust covering your furniture and appliances, a duct cleaning will remove that dust from all of your duct-work which will reduce the amount of cleaning needed to keep your home clean.


Remove smells

If you’ve noticed any odd smells within your home, that may result from pet hair, tobacco use, mold or many other factors inside of your air ducts. We have odor neutralizers that aid in removing those smells from your air ducts.


Healthier air

Lots of allergens, bacteria and mold can build up inside of your air ducts. If you or someone you know is suffering from allergies or respiratory issues within your home, a thorough air duct cleaning can soothe that issue.

How we clean your air ducts



First, we count the vents in your house to get the final price for you. Then we bring in our 2 stage HEPA filtered vacuum unit which consists of two machines to your mechanical room. We then proceed to cut a hole in the return side of your duct-work and the supply side of your duct-work which we patch up at the end using sheet metal, metal tape and metal screws. After that, we connect our vacuum to your duct-work which creates suction throughout your whole house, vacuuming all loose dust and debris.



To clean your air ducts, we use high powered compressed air and an agitator attachment that removes all dust and debris from the inside of your air ducts. We go to each individual vent and clean them all thoroughly. After we are done with the individual vents, we go down to the trunk-lines attached to the furnace. We use a one inch hole cutter to cut a few holes along the trunk-line and repeat the same process using compressed air and our “whip” attachment to remove all remaining dust from your duct-work.



Once the cleaning is finished, we patch up the holes using sheet metal, metal tape and metal screws. For the one inch holes we use one inch hole plugs. All holes will be sealed and completely leak proof. We clean the area around your furnace and determine whether or not your furnace filter needs to be replaced. If so and you don’t have one readily available, we may have one that you can purchase for $15 and we will replace it for you.



We take before and after pictures of all vents to maintain the consistency of our work. If you would like to see the photos you may ask the technician to send them or show them to you. For payment, we take credit/debit cards, checks or cash, whatever is most convenient for you.

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