Fun with Fans: Cooling Down Creatively!

Autumn officially begins on Monday. Where has the year gone?? Summer was particularly brutal this year — regularly in the 80s, high humidity… sorry. Too soon.

The point is, our air conditioners have worked tirelessly for months, and we’re still experiencing some zingers. If you find all this heat has taken its toll on your air conditioner, give us a call and we can absolutely come repair it for you!

But let’s be real. It’s hot. What can you do to find immediate relief?

Sure, you could just fire up a fan and point it towards you. But you’re likely not going to cool down very quickly as you’re just pushing the warm air toward you faster. You deserve better than that. Here’s three options for you to cool down with a fan effectively!

  1. Use Your Exhaust Fans - Your bathroom likely has an exhaust fan that helps pull the steam and moisture out of the air when you’re showering. It can your home a bit more comfortable especially during particularly humid days.

  2. Go Old School - Take a leaf from your (grand)parent’s book. Back before air conditioners were commonplace in homes, people would put ice in a bowl and place it in front of a fan. It’s like getting your own personal arctic breeze!

  3. Criss-Cross - If you have a box fan, you can create a cross breeze within your home. Simply set the fan across from an open window to create a nice airflow throughout your home during the cooler evenings. Alternatively, you could also angle the fan so it’s facing outside the open window. This can help push the warm air outside where it belongs.

Whether you’re waiting to get your air conditioner repaired or just hoping to save money and energy, these tips can help you stay cool through any unexpected autumn heat wave!