How to change your furnace filter

Changing your furnace filter regularly is one of the simplest ways to increase both your home furnace efficiency and air quality. The process is actually quick and easy, but there are also some important rules to follow. Check out some of our tips for a safe and trouble-free replacement below:

1. Turn your furnace off.

  • Look for a switch connecting to your furnace and switch it to the ‘Off’ position to ensure that the furnace won’t turn on during the filter replacement

    • If your furnace kicks on while there’s no filter inside, dust and debris can be sucked inside your furnace and cake up the underside of your AC coil which will cause big problems!

2. Remove old filter.

  • Once you remove the old filter, you’ll see a lot of dust covering it which is a good sign that it was ready to be changed

  • If you haven’t already purchased a new filter, check the side of your old filter to determine what size it is, so you can buy a matching one

    • If you don’t have a new filter readily available, re-insert that filter so your furnace isn’t without one

    • Do Not turn on your furnace without a filter placed inside

  • If you have already purchased a new filter, skip to Step #4

3. Purchase a new filter.

4. Replace the old filter.

  • Once you have the new filter, go ahead and remove the old filter again (with the furnace off)

  • You’ll notice an arrow on one of the sides of the filter that’s labeled “Air Flow”, make sure this arrow is pointing in the direction of your furnace

  • Insert the filter into the filter slot/drawer

  • Make sure to put the slot cover back on

  • If you’re unsure of how to insert the filter, check out this video of Shannon

5. Turn your furnace back on.

  • After you’ve replaced the filter, you are free to turn your furnace back on and enjoy the fresh air!

What if your furnace filter is electronic?

Electronic furnace filters (also known as electronic air purifiers/ionizers) are reusable and efficient alternatives to the average furnace filter. They collect large clumps of dust in the prefilter and collect the smaller dust particles in the electrically charged filter.

Benefits of an electronic air filter

  1. They are reusable:

    • Instead of regularly changing out your old filter, all you need to do is remove your electronic filter and wash it.

  2. More efficient:

    • Up to 99% of dust particles are stopped from recirculating throughout your home.

  3. They help with allergies:

    • Since more fine particles are trapped, less bacteria, mold and other allergens are in the air you breathe which is important because these particles can often lead to illness.

If you have an electronic air filter, here is a guide to cleaning it.